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Hawaiian Luau Party Games

Limbo Games

Gather Everyone. Gather your guests together because the limbo game is a great activity for everyone.  There are't any special skills, just a willingness to be carefree and silly.
Play Music. Play your favorite music and find a stick, a curtain rod or buy a bamboo limbo game.
Get Low. Set the bar high and ask your guests to feel the music.  See if they're able to walk or, better yet, dance their way under the bar.  If they make it under without falling to the floor or touching the bar, they're still in the game.  Keep lowering the bar after each round and award the last one standing as your winner.
Hula Dancing Contest
Wear a Skirt. Let your guests know that in Hawaii the mothers, aunts, nieces and grand daughters usually hula dance.  This will encourage everyone to join the fun.  Have a few grass hula skirts lying around in different sizes so that everyone has a Luau costume and feels welcome joining the hula dancing.
Play Music. Consider playing some luau music, hawaiian music, island sounds or just your favorite songs.
Shake your Hips. Authentic hula dance steps are nice but it's fine to just shake your hips and feel the beat of the music.  Ask your guests to judge for the most authentic, the funniest and the best sport.

If you prefer hula instruction, consider a hula dancing video.
Scavenger Hunt
Set the Stage. A scavenger hunt is a nice way to keep the kids occupied.  It's also a fun activity for adults that want to feel like kids again.
Gather everyone around and make teams of 2 or 3's.  Let them choose team names like King Tiki or Palm Tree Paradise.
Let 'em Loose. Give everyone a list of 10 items to find such as an acorn or a 4 leaf clover.  Make the list interesting by including riddles such as "Find the seed that becomes an Oak tree."  With their lists in hand, let 'em loose with a specific amount of time that would make finding everything difficult.
Count the Fun. When the time is up, everyone will arrive at the pre-determined meeting place.  Read the first item on the list and see which teams were successul.  Continue down the list and ask everyone to share their adventures. 800-295-9091

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