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Luau Party Ideas

Wecome Your Guests

Say "Aloha!" Aloha is Hawaiian for welcome and love.  Give your guests a warm reception by saying the word "Aloha" and make them feel welcome in your home.
Give 'em Leis. Leis are the symbol of Aloha.  Hawaiian men and women have been wearing them for generations.  Give silk leis to your guests as a way of welcoming them to your Luau or Hawaiian party.
Make Your Luau Party Festive
Decorate. Create a fun, tropical atmosphere.  Hawaiian culture emphasizes the use of Luau Decorations such as flowers and plants.  Simply wrapping your buffet table with grass table skirts will create a quick Hawaiian atmosphere.  For a somewhat campy but very popular Luau decoration, place an inflatable palm tree nearby.
Play Music. Consider playing luau music, beach songs or something unique like a recording of island sounds.  Or, simply arrange for the music that your guests usually enjoy.  Regardless of the type, make sure that you have music playing to energize everyone.
  Wear a
Hawaiian shirts have been popular in the Islands for nearly a century.  They began as keepsakes for tourists visiting Hawaii, but quickly became popular with locals because the comfortable, bright colored rayon shirts were perfect for the casual atmosphere of the Islands.  Sport one of these and imagine being in Hawaii.
Embrace the Spirit of Aloha
Dance. Hula dancing has been a longstanding tradition at Hawaiian Luaus.  In Hawaii, the mothers, aunts, nieces and granddaughters usually join the fun.  Have a few hula skirts for your guests and encourage them to hula dance.  Whether they're willing to sport a hula skirt and shake their hips or just feel the beat of the music, dancing is always great fun.
Limbo. The limbo games are a great way for everyone to participate.  It doesn't require any special dancing abilities, just a willingness to be carefree and silly.  Gather everyone around, set the limbo stick high and see how low you can go.  Everyone will have fun.
Serve Food and Drinks
Try the traditional luau recipes on our website.  If you only have time for one dish, choose the favorite Hawaiian Poi.  Although mainlanders often say that it's bland and paste-like, it's healthy and especially fun to watch the faces of your friends as they try this interesting food.
Your guests may not like traditional Hawaiian food.  Instead, prepare a menu of backyard barbecue like grilled chicken but substitute yams for the baked potatoes.  For the extravagant, consider a roasted pig.  Arrange a tray of tropical fruits such as pineapple, passion fruit, mango and guava.  This will provide a taste of Hawaii, guarantee that nobody is hungry and give you more time to enjoy the party.
Tropical drinks are fun and exciting, whether they're alcoholic or simply punch and fruit juice.  So, pour something interesting and put an umbrella or straw in it just for fun!
Relax and Have Fun!
The whole point of the Hawaiian Luau Party is to gather around with friends and family to eat, drink, dance, sing and enjoy the true experience of Aloha. 800-295-9091

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